Hey guys, not a rant but a question.
I want to make an app for android and this is gonna be the first one. Which language would you suggest and any other suggestions?

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    Java? Idk.
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    Welcome to devRant!
    First time in android development?

    JS or C# or make apps using native languages like C++
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    Super beginner?
    App inventor 2
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    I know quite a bit of C++ including structures, arrays, pointers and stuff. Would that be enough or should I go for java. I know the same things in both the languages. @CozyPlanes
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    Also which software would you recommend? Btw thanks a lot for the suggestions.@Cosmomanaic
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    Android studio ide
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    @Cosmomanaic if u r goin to use c++ as development language, you are making "Native Apps"
    You can make android apps using C++ using "CMake"
    Search google upon install instructions.
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    But as you said, using C++ will let me make native apps and I just want to make apps for android so I think i should be fine. I really dont care about ios. Thanks@CozyPlanes
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    K thanks mate. Will look into it.@harshj94
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