Where are the BIG data guys ?

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    Wat. How do even come up with comparisons like these?
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    Because there are people who ASK for fucking CLUSTERED DBs for 5 GB of use data because its slow and not their fault.

    'Big data' is the most misused word...
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    It bothers me that one grain should be one byte and not one bit
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    @41-64-69 it is one byte..
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    Try taking exactly 1024 grains of rice in a cup. It's fun.
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    What if the comparison was made with grains of sand or the actual stuff this data is stored on?

    Also there are many different types of rice....
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    Yeah, like its easy to trace a specific rice in a full cup of rice
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    @bioDan I know, but I think a grain of rice should be the smallest unit so they could use 8 grains of rice as an example for a byte. Their comparison makes it look like there is nothing smaller than a byte.
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