> Wants to learn something new (pref not JavaScript)
> Can't find anything that's as dope as Spring boot (java framework).
> C# sucks
> Python ain't going anywhere
> PHP is dated
> Go sounds like a good choice but so damn non-useful if you don't do ultra concurrent stuff at google

Ends up getting more used to JavaScript
Suggestions? For summer learning... Freshman year.

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    Yup python is there to stay forever, also if interested in ML, drop everything and run to your nearest computer and start ML by Andrew ng on coursera
    Also I read your tag lastly so it won't be a valid comment.
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    @zarkopafilis machine learning
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    @sam9669 +1 will try it out but I actually hold back because they teach us these in uni :)
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    First: I'm not an expert and more of a designer.

    Question: why is php dated?
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    @Atlas THANK YOU. It used to be pretty slow but it's performance got a huge boost since version 7!
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    C# sUcKS
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    @linuxxx yeah but springs much better than both dot net and core
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    @linuxxx think it's just a consensus for no given reason that php is dated. Mostly the same as javascript - both languages have a bad rep from earlier iterations, and while both have made serious strides towards becoming better languages, they still get shit because of the older iterations.

    That and both languages are just far to easy to abuse and write shit code with.
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    C# sucks?
    It's the best statically typed languages out there.
    People used to hate it because it's on Microsoft and that means money, but now since everyone is using cloud computing anyway, Azure is quite competitive on pricing / features.
    People used to hate it because of the ideology (Microsoft = demon, but Oracle is just fine), but now it's open source and multi-platform.

    So why hate it?
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    I'm getting paid my salary to write Golang and I don't work at Google, so I'm not sure what you mean about it not being useful. Its as fast or sometimes faster than C, easier to compile, and it's easier to read.
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    @harambae noo, sir, there is no project in this world, where you could possibly use Django and say, it was the perfect choise. Just no.
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    Kotlin? Its like Java but better, plus you can still use spring boot

    Rust is a nice language but might take some getting used to the strict compiler
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    @apisarenco portability my friend
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    @g-m-f well they tried to pull of this after all https://infoq.com/news/2017/...
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    @Zennoe I just talked about that. .NET is now as multiplatform as it gets. From IoT (Raspberry PI and others), to Windows Phone, to Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, Unity3D, everything!

    So if this is your only reason to hate it, you're hating in vain, because this reason simply doesn't exist.
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    C# sucks? Based on what?? Please explain.
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    @apisarenco looks like he doesn't know what he's talking about. It's like saying: I want to learn a new. (natural) language. German? Awfull. Swahili? Too simple. Spanish? Sucks. But I speak english so that rules, awesome!
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