Wtf Microsoft...

Found out the hard way that copying a line of code from Teams chat will sometimes convert the spaces into unrecognized ASCII char.

Spent a few hours yesterday to fix the bad chars.

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    Teams is possibly the buggiest widely adopted corporate software.
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    I enjoy copy/pasting out of teams and getting more then what I asked for.

    User Name [10:23am]
    This was what I wanted to copy.

    Fucking teams!
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    It's the worst piece of software they've ever released.
    They could have just rename Skype (the old good one, not that gen z/tik tok/Snapchat/Instagram style colorful and useless one).

    I'm still wondering what was the point to move to Electron once you already had native apps on different platforms. I get the "maintain one update all" idea, but they don't even release frequent updates so...
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    Didnt this used to happen when copying from Word back in the day?
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    Classical case of trying to be smart and miserably failing to do the dumb thing.
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    @JS96 come back microsoft messenger, all is forgiven.
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    I installed Teams once for a job interview and uninstalled soon afterwards.

    It left a “Microsoft Teams sound device” on my computer as a souvenir. Fuck...
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    You're doing it wrong, you're supposed to copy paste from SO, not teams.
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    It takes a special kind of company for:

    - developing a "low risk" project (business chat/VoIP software is around from the 90s, maybe even the 80s, there isn't much "cutting edge" stuff to invent)

    - doing that with an high budget

    - using Electron because it makes development faster (while making the software unbearably slow on a 2 years old computer but that's for another rant)

    - still botching basic features like copy/paste and taking ages to fix
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    @tw001 I wonder why in 2023 some companies still needs to learn how to have their software properly cleanup after itself
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    Teams has plugin GUI support, which would not be possible without building the GUI in HTML.
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    @lorentz curious, then how comes other software can manage that?
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    Had a ticket the other day, "line breaks are not pasting in properly. It works when I copy from notepad++, but not from teams"

    Ok buddy, you clearly demonstrated that we're handling line breaks properly on our side... I'm afraid we can't fix the application you're copying FROM for you...
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    @msdsk Typically by either

    1. forcing plugin devs to adopt the host program's form system

    2. building their own, considerably worse version of HTML to enable plugins to modify the equivalent of the DOM or

    3. forcing plugins to ship their own rendering code and defining the API in terms of buffers in some low level graphics library
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    they prodive the ability to format a message and insert code snippets. if you donthwt you get syntax highlighting and you do not have that issue.

    I also enjoyed what you described, with a colleague sending yaml. it was a nightmare 😅
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    @nebula came here to say exactly this - use the fucking features the thing has and you won't have this issue. Slack will also do this, especially with non-ascii quotation marks and long dashes, unless you (surprise) use the builtin code blocks functionality.
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