Saw a job posting at subway in Chicago. Need a job ?

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    I seen that next to millennium park but it changed before I could see it. Thanks for posting it.
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    Y would they take string convert it to bytes and back to string again just to print it out­čśĽ­čśĽ­čśĽ
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    The answer is of course:

    cannot find symbol
    symbol : class Base64
    location: package java.util
    import java.util.Base64;
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    @spacem Base64 is a new class introduced in Java 8
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    And it is imported properly
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    @amateur64 I'm not a Java programmer so I don't know if it has any side effects but as far as I can tell it is indeed simply using base64 of curiosity as the secret part in the URL. So the extra conversion is likely an attempt at obfuscation.
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    @amateur64 nope just checked there is no encode to string in Java the messing with the bytes is required.
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    Definitely Java, not Go.
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    @amateur64 I asked myself the same thing.
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    @olirz in the source

    <!-- Hi there! --><!-- Would you like to play a game? --><!-- We don't allow robots, so please at least be part human... -->

    I'm part human!
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    @arcadesdude robots.txt ! Disallow: /secret-secure-site/
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    Password Box with hidden value: "what got you here?"
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    Answer: "curiosity"
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    @corscheid Go would have been nice.
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    That's a nice job posting. For me all postings I see:
    1. We are recruiting for a leading company ....
    2. Work with a professional team
    3. Be pationate

    And when you interview :
    1. Barely has half the local market share
    2. Their team commit empty messages to git with a commit that includes work of a week, no unit tests
    3. They want you to obey, do what you are told, not he creative and actually solve shit
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    @fschndr check my comment with link :)
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    Main throws Exception, cheezus
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    Oh man, I fell for it again thinking this was a new post. "How the hell are they able to access this damn site, the dns doesn't resolve" only to notice I'm 3 years late to the party. Oh well :D
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