Typical paranoia's when developing a website
- what if the user has JS turned off ?
- what if he is using the site without a monitor ?
- what if the user's electricity is off ?
- what if there's no user ?

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    This reminds me of the web development teacher I had a few years ago
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    Using the site without a monitor is a valid concern. You should remember to write your HTML so a screen reader can understand what's going on (I.e. Yo make it accessible for blind people mah d00d)
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    My biggest concern is what if the user has no network as my JavaScript site is local hosted that renders json
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    I think that this should concern all the devs (except the electricity) :)
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    My web design lecturer was blind so 2 was definitely a concern
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    What if monitor is not pluged in and all they see is black... bad webside they would say
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    What if I'm nothing but a projection of the users mind, a collective dream living in a fragile world made with the only purpose of worry about stuff user don't?
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    @rtannerf omg exactly.
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    @rtannerf What if a big percentage of users is blocking google analytics and you have incorrect statistics :D ?
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    There is no spoon.
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    I go through the same paranoia myself!!

    ..what if the user knows im paranoid about having javascript enabled or not and switches it off anyways..what if the user just wants to watch the world burn...
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    i.kinda don't care anymore, it still brushes against me when im doing things but in the end its either going to work or your going to see a really broken site although theres are some cases where i have to care for < IE11 (legacy sucks) but for anything more recent, nope.
    - no js, well turn it on and stop being a little bitch.
    - no monitor, to bad (actually i got 90% accessibility in page speed, on one of my projects) so i guess i care a bit...
    - no electricity, use a laptop or phone
    - no user, fuck off you little bot!
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