Fuck long covid / ME/CFS.
This is day two of being bedridden.

I want to have energy again. And be able to move and do even simple things without collapsing for hours or days at a time.


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    Oh man, I'm lucky enough to be totally unaffected by covid but my father has long covid and it looks awful. Does it stack with your general depression?
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    @lorentz Kinda hard not to be depressed when you can barely function, there is no accepted or effective treatment, and it could very well be permanent.

    I’m trying to stay positive about everything, but the last couple days have been really hard.

    It’s difficult to know what my limits are, and every time I exceed them, I pay for it dearly, and afterward those limits seem to be lower. Without exaggeration, my normal day pre-covid would land me in the hospital today.
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    @aaronswart you wouldn't get stabbed if you weren't a dick 👀
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    Days like this:
    - lots of tea
    - comfy bed
    - netflix

    if absolutely needed - paracetamol to bump up the 'feels-like'

    aaand wait it out

    p.S. After covid I had the hardest time remembering new things. Lasted for a few months, but now seems all good
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    Year 3 of post covid bullshit.

    Cheers 🥂
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    get better soon @Root. do what you like with your energy left, but save some for the good rants you post :)
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    Today was day 3. :<
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    @Root It's better if you count them down. If we say average days down are 10 and count it down from there you should expect each day to get a little better than the previous one. I know it's a cheap trick, but it works most of the time, so no need for debugging or reverse engineering it ;-}
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    @We3D The thing is, I usually measure my collapses in hours, not days, so this is something new.
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    I may be stating the obvious: get sunlight on your skin or vitamin D and Zinc supplements!

    When I had covid I forgot to take a walk outside for fresh air and feel like that made all the difference.
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    @MLPops Those things absolutely help, but they don’t solve anything.

    Niacin is the biggest help of everything I’ve found. It gives me a semblance of normal again, like being able to think and stand. It’s so nice not being a vegetable for awhile.
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    Just take a rest Root... And eat the horse paste.

    No really. My parents swore by it, and I thought they were fucking looney tunes.

    I was at the end of my rope being sick for two weeks straight. Said fuck it and gave in.

    I was better two days later.

    Could be coincidence, but it didnt kill me so theres that.

    If you're this sick what do you have to lose?
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    @Wisecrack I don’t have an infection anymore, though. Just exhaustion and brain fog that never goes away.

    Would it help?
    I’m willing to try pretty much anything.

    Apparently hyberbaric chambers help, am I’m strongly considering trying it.
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    @Root I tried an oxygen concentrator for a while and it helped ALOT during recovery.
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