Can you add a feature so we can download images that our customers have uploaded?

Yeah sure I can see that being a really handy feature, but until I have the time to add a button would you try right clicking on the picture and using the option "Save image...." πŸ€”

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    I got a request for page zooming buttons (ctrl +/-/0, or ctrl scroll) a while back.

    And recently the pm asked me to add three links under each item description: one to open the item in the same tab, one to open in a new tab, and one to open in a new window.

    People hate learning new shortcuts.
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    Can you add a button which closes the window without having to go all the way to the top right corner?
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    @bittersweet I thought open in new window was hijacked by tabbed browsers any way? And the zoom thing sounds hard, reset the body CSS zoom property and watch your media queries fall on their arse. πŸ˜‚
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