How would we code without git?

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    With svn lol ya goofy
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    ziped code on google drive 😧
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    Copy folders, and share via USB drives
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    I mean coding would still be easy, but version control would be hell
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    Well, git was coded without it, so... yes?
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    Lots of science research people code without version control. The most common practice I have seen is to put a single stream version number in the file name (and they seem to think it's a good idea, and if they are careful enough, it will work well).
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    And bitbucket.
    It was the bitbucket debacle, jeremy allison reverse engineering the protocol to archive the source independently and their reaction that led Linus to code git.
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    Csv, svn, etc lol
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    As far as I know, you just need your head to code. Now if you want to share/keep/organize your code, there's plenty of VCS out there.

    But hell yeah GIT rocks.🖒
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    @nbamaral github != git
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    I meant Bitkeeper, and it wasn't Jeremy from rsync, it was Tridgell from samba.
    Sorry it was 12 years ago, forgot the details :p
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