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I know that Microsoft gets a bad word for many things (and rightfully so), but one good thing that they do is host a yearly general developer convention in Israel called BlueHat IL.

I've been trying to get invited in for 2 years now (they have to manually accept your application because so many people want to be there and they would run out of physical space if they accepted everyone), and yesterday I FINALLY GOT MY INVITATION!!

So, if you are also going - meet me there!

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    Wtf is a blue hat ?
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    what is special about this ?
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    Copyright 2022.

    Enjoy Omer!
    Let us know if you get some nice swag
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    @rox79 It's a pretty big convention (nothing "big" on the dev scale really happens around here in Israel) and it's free! Also, it's my first time in a big convention like this, so I am really excited about this.
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    @bioDan lol yeah someone forgot to update that internally
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