Is it worth it to make a UI in c? (console application)

Note: That is our school assgignment due next month,
make an interactive app using databases in c that runs in console
ex) theater seat reservation system

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    Sounds like something that's crying out for a nice nurses based interface!
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    Just download qt and throw something together
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    You could just do some old school ASCII art type interface, I did for an assignment I spent so many nights trying to get stuff to print in the right place, it also used a database as well just it was in java.

    Also found the game recently, lol found out I built a large gigantic foundation for the project (it was a simple turn based RPG) and it only really lasts 2 mins lol (enemy is waaaay too strong)

    Oh forgot it took me awhile because I did it all from scratch, was tough but really fun
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