Twitter.. Grow up. Doesn't look serious or professional.

idiocracy all over again

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    @mansur85 -24$ billion in 6 months 🤣
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    Why does Twitter have to be serious or professional?
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    Trolls > professionals
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    Chaos ftw. (In terms of DnD alignments.)

    Professionals are just deluded slaves to a soul crushing hierarchy.
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    @hardCoding @Lensflare

    I guess the movie "Idiocracy" played a tremendous role in how I understand and justify society. I did not anticipate that happening back when I was watching it :)

    "Who says the president has to be serious or professional", right...?
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    @SuspiciousBug There is also the loss of stock value from Tesla since investors start realizing how overvalued it was and still is. Which is where his biggest losses are.
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    When was serious or professional?
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    Such serious. Much professional. Wow
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    It's embarrassing. Especially the part where they forgot to replace the blue bird symbol in the tab.

    It used to be serious and professional, and because of that it was a platform for the world's best researchers to share their findings and feedback.

    We have enough dumb social networks like TikTok, we certainly don't need another one.
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    @netikras comparing political positions with some dinky ass social platform is quite a far strech tho
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    @netikras You got that right bro man. The Joker incoming. Trump was just the prelude.
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    While being investigated for the Doge scam, he updates the icon to Doge causing:

    a) people searching for "elon doge" will get hits about twitter and not just the negative new coverage

    b) if you were "in" DOGE, the icon change did a nice price spike, so DOGE holders could dump for higher prices
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    > Taking twitter seriously
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