As a developer, I'm fed up with companies that expect us to work miracles in impossible timelines. We're not wizards, we're not magicians, we're not even superheroes. We're human beings who need time to develop quality software.

It's frustrating to be given a project with a deadline that's completely unrealistic. It's even more frustrating when the same company that gave us the deadline is unwilling to give us the resources we need to meet it.

And let's not forget about the endless meetings, emails, and phone calls that eat up our valuable time. We need to code, not attend endless meetings that never seem to accomplish anything.

And don't get me started on the non-technical people who think they know more about coding than we do. Just because you know how to use Microsoft Excel doesn't make you an expert on software development.

It's time for companies to start treating developers with the respect we deserve. We're not just code monkeys, we're skilled professionals who can create amazing things when given the right tools and resources. So stop treating us like we're disposable and start investing in us. Trust me, it will pay off in the long run.

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    This is not how capitalism works.

    (I share your view - but as long as money and profit is involved, that view is a dream)
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    "As a developer, ..."

    you know you've had too much in development when you start a rant like you do a jira feature ticket :)
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    @netikras Litterally LMAO. It's right there, on the ground.

    Welcome, and great first rant :) I unfortunately share your view to some degree...
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    @IntrusionCM i truly believe there are companies with profit who's CEO cares about his workers. At giant companies though, no.
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    @joewilliams007 yeah...

    But "caring" is only a nice gesture as long as it isn't backed up by moral and ethics.

    I work in management, while I can be an abrasive cunt, I am one of the nicer guys.

    One of the things that I really wish would exist was loan transparency.

    That's what I mean by "gesture". Most CEOs / management are only nice as long as their pockets are full. Once that is threatened, they pretty much give a fuck about moral and ethics.

    If a CEO earns more than 10 times what average joe earns, then I really don't buy the "caring" act...

    Even the act of philantrophy is something I see rather critical nowadays... If money flows, but doesn't reach its target, but rather ends up in bureaucracy and corruption, it's also just a nice gesture.

    One nice gesture with a lot of zeroes on the check, but it doesn't achieve much, cause it deals as much damage by filling the wrong pockets as it does good.
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    @netikras it's 100% written by chatgpt.
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    @electrineer now that you've mentioned it... It does resemble gpt-written rants very much.

    Good catch!

    I guess you're the asshole standing between chatgpt and a passed Touring test. gj!
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    @electrineer thats some wild shit that this is happening now.

    I've seen it on other platforms too, perfectly normal comments just a bit off or sometimes wildly missing the direction of the comment - apparently written by a bot

    kinda cool kinda unsettling and very annoying
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    "We're not wizards, we're not magicians" - yes we are. we just mustn't let the muggles catch on.
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