Late night programming with pops.

This man has taught me most of what I know and I have a terrific amount of respect and debt for him, and his work.

Here's to a lot more years cranking that genius brain of his! 🥂

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    This is awesome!
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    So cool and lucky!
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    You need to get him on devrant!
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    @oldtimer91 LOL I second that
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    You are very lucky to have someone supporting you and teaching you.
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    I'm really hoping at least one of my 1, 3 and 5 year olds take an interest in programming some day! it's a wonderful passion to share :)
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    It would be so cool if my children (when I have them) end up interested in programming.
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    cool.....can be easy for you to debug you code. 😋
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    @dfox @oldtimer91 he's not usually up for social networks, but I'll tell him about it 😉
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    This is awesome. Anything specific you guys are working on? :)
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    @sleepy he was telling me about a little change he's making so that less callbacks are made to the server. Basically, batch response, so as not to overload the server with requests when they can be grouped up and responded to in just a "trip" to the server
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    @gustash that's cool.
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