My friend at school (IT High School in Poland if you're interested) just asked me what version of Windows does Elliot in Mr. Robot use. After I said that it's not Windows, he didn't let me finish my sentence and said that you can't push macOS theming this far.

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    🤔.... 😆😄
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    Hahahah, leul.
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    *sips coffee while waiting for comments*
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    😂😂😂.. Some actually want to show off they know everything.. And when they speak about something which they really don't know, and you know it,
    Now that's an awesome moment to enjoy 😂
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    The only os some IT students know is windows. Such students should be captured and hanged 😂 😂 😂
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    @RegNex Exactly .. 😂😂 Such people do exists..
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    @RegNex half of my school
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    @adxm 😂😂😂
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    @sanketthecoder I know many developers who only knows Windows (I mean they don't know how to use other OS)...
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    @Eldius Whattt??😱😱😱.. Such Devs also exists?? Oh my - oh my.. I jus wonder how they call themselves a Dev without even knowing atleast Ubuntu well.. it's so sad Eldius, isn't it? And I think due to such people, value of Programmers is decreasing..
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