Google announced a little piece of wizardry called MusicML, which seems to be a pretty decent music generator based on text prompts or sample imputs

I can only think how much would this thing help indie game developers (if available), but then there are a lot more industry (beside music itself) that could save lots of money with this kind of stuff

I mean, yeah, the results are not so great or ground breaking, but so would be most of the human generated compositions as well; if the music is not the main focus, most of the results are just enough. Just think about an elevator with a custom generated track for day, or so many other places where sound it's just a side stimulus

What a time to be alive c:

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    Can’t wait for all the music artists to start freaking out because AI will take their jobs!
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    I wonder how many people are going to get dinged for copyright issues with this
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    @Lensflare that's already happening...
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    Honestly I use a couple of AI tools so I’m probably a total hypocrite but I’m starting to feel a bit depressed about all of this. Before long we’re going to find that we automated everything fun and creative and only have the jobs the robots are *supposed* to be doing left for us.
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    In the end, all of whats left, is just - to be.
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