Just lost my job :(

They realized that a junior was not what they needed...

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    How long did you stay?
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    Damn bro that sucks
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    Sorry if I'm rude now but you have no time to complain, so move on and keep learning/applying for jobs. There are a lot of places and cool companies to work for in our field. It's not easy to do, I've passed this phase too. Keep pushing yourself to your limits.
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    @Linux I was there for 9 month as a front end developer
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    @veshsare You are totally right. I still have plans and I do not hate what I'm doing

    I see it as an opportunity to have something better.

    Still need to kinda understand what just happened
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    @TheBird956 my personal suggestion is take your time to think what you want. Assuming you're still young, maybe you can take this summer to relax and work on things that excite you and could show your future employer what can you do.

    You can do this if you don't need urgently money.
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    Sorry to hear that. But keep your head up and you'll have something better soon!
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    @TheBird956 That's 9 months of experience added to your resumé and 9 months closer to not being a junior anymore!
    With your newly gained experience you can also better assess new job offers for their fit with you and probably find a better and more fun job, blowing this previous job out of the water.
    With the right mindset any setback can be turned into an advantage.
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    Try to identify some lessons learned, then move on. You'll laugh about it some day.
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    @veshsare Tbh I think you're very rude AND right at the same time
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    @TheBird956 that sucks man. But don't worry. Keep applying for jobs. There's a need for good front end developers. Plus, you already were hired once. You can be hired again. It's only a matter of time.

    @linuxxx that's exactly what I think when I'm being code reviewed. Lol
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    Hmm, I think it would be valuable to ask them how you could have performed better. Is it soft skills or tech skills?
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    My last experience was the same, but I got out with a serene feeling. Because my initial lowest internship outcome expectation was to fail :D
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    @linuxxx I'm rude just when I need to be. ­čśü
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    Don't waste any of your time or energy feeling bad about this. If a junior isn't what they needed then you're just a victim of their bad judgment.
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