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    never tried the american version. but I love the Czech one =]
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    @We3D This is what we have in India ... well the alcohol shop near me does.

    I literally googled "alcohol shop near me" and I got this
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    @Ranchonyx finally someone recognizing my omnipotence.
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    @IntrusionCM I am worried. About the Kölsch specifically. It unnerves me.
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    @Ranchonyx honestly, not much.

    Früh Kölsch is pretty nice.

    The discussion of Pils vs Alt is mostly an emotional discussion, seldomly one based on facts.

    Simple fact: despite difference in brewing, it's beer with the same alcohol content etc.
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    @IntrusionCM I find the taste a bit off putting. Meh I prefer more "süffig" stuff anyway.
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    @Ranchonyx ok, that's understandable.

    Depends on my mood. Currently I'm mostly too tired, so sth like Früh is okay.

    When I'm grumpy, I prefer more acerbity, like Fiege.

    Süffig / quaffable only when I'm in good mood... But then you should get litres ready, cause I will drink anyone under the table just for the fun of it.

    Tyskie is one of the things I like then.
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    @IntrusionCM Drinking people under the table with quaffable, thank you, stuff is also one of my specialties. It's fun.

    Was recently in Kiel and like every second restaurant there brews it's own damn beer. Holy shit it's good.
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    @Ranchonyx yep.

    Mostly because it's real beer.

    Most of the beers belonging now to e.g. large corporates like Annheuser Busch taste like shit and are made of questionable ingredients.
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    @IntrusionCM Precisely. I can count myself somewhat lucky that there's a local brewery in my town. They make ... decent beer.
    They recently tried their hand at wheat beer. Tastes like numb feet, jesus christ.
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    i drank beer for the first time today and I can't understand the craze of alcohol and beers. sugared drinks are much better tasting imho
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    Is that real?
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    Sugared drinks. Yeah. That explains it pretty much.

    Most people that enjoy that stuff have reduced their ability to taste things to sweet only...

    I might be putting you in a box, but it's an not so rare observation:

    Beer / tea / coffee / spices / ... - most people loving sugared drinks hate anything that tastes not like sugar or isn't high in sugar. Note that high in sugar can also mean stuff like barbecue sauce,. Or chili sauce. Or ketchup.

    Anything preprocessed that was made delicious and addictive by putting tons of sugar in it... And it was made that way for exactly that reason.

    In my opinion, it's sad.
    If your first comparison is sugared drinks, you really show a lack of palate.

    Noone has to like beer, but turn down the sugar and explore different tastes.

    You *will* be surprised what you missed out.

    Cause beer and alcohol in general can taste *very* different. Bringing it down to "I tasted one beer and it's not sugar" is the saddest thing I read here so far.
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    @dotenvironment sweet alcoholic drinks exist
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    Budweiser 😅
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    @IntrusionCM i have also taste gin with sprite and some drink called long island ice tea i guess, which my friend described as a mixture of multiple alcohols.

    i personally found the added flavours of fruit/icetea more enjoyable than the alcohols, which were leaving a taste of spoilt grapes in my mouth and relaxing my brain a bit.

    i felt a whole lot confident in saying anything to anyone for exact 20 mins after drinking 1glass of beer, so that's a plus that i can say

    and btw i drink espresso, green tea, bitter gourd juices also sometimes. i do not savour their tastes as much as a regular fruit juice, but they are good for a specific purpose like keeping me awake or health benefits etc.
    the boost that sugar gives is nice.

    also i eat a lot of spices and chilly foods, so not exactly in the sugar only box
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    @IntrusionCM btw can you describe the tastes that am missing out while drinking sugarad cocktails/mocktails only?
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    @dotenvironment if you're not in the sugar only box, then pardon me :)

    Last sentences were written stupidly, I did not mean bear and alcohol specifically, but in general.

    My "rant" was mostly against people who consume sugar only... And then miss out the whole world of flavors.

    regarding alcohol / beer: if you don't like it that's absolutely fine of course, paragraph was stupidly written.

    Regarding flavors: if you know spices, herbs and other stuff, I think you know what I mean.

    If sth tastes "just" sweet, it's really boring, isn't it? Even sth simple as a herbal tea can vary vastly in fragrance, e.g. one of my favorite teas has a very distinct flavor due to mixing roibos, fennel, pepper mint, licorice, chamomile, cinnamon...

    Pretty distinct flavor. Nothing sweet, more a spicy… yet soothing variance.

    These are things that imho people (again not you) completely miss who only drink / consume sugar.
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