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    I hope that tattoo is a sticker
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    That guy thought that the tip from the tattoo machine might burst the artery there
    But as you can see the program was "compiled" successfully, ruining his other plans
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    You want to improve only once?
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    There are two variables, *noSuccess* and *Success*. Doubled code with inconsistent naming without that it's clear where it comes from. And why has a function *tryAgain* be called while it's in a loop?
    And when *noSuccess* is true once, the loop is ended and you can't improve ever again.

    Shitty code.
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    PHP version in my case. DON'T HATE ME OKAY
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    Umm... The indentation at improve(); is wrong 🙄 but i like the font n colors 😍
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    If id get a code related tattoo it would be either the classic forkbomb (for something small), or the regex from hell (for a full body tattoo).
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    Save some space on your arm:

    while(1) {
    success? improve() : tryAgain();
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    @Electrux technically it's not wrong if they are using tabs. The width of 1 tab = space between the left side of the wrist and tryAgain();. If you measure that and double it, you get the space between the left side of the arm, and improve(); (the tab sizes are just massive, which is why it looks really weird)
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    That camel casing game is fantastic
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    Improve() sets no success?
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