Not really a Rant but:

My Productivity Method:
1. Nootropics (Nootrobox Daily, Sprint for 6+ hour work/focus periods)
2. Ketogenic Diet (Ridiculous Energy, Amazing Food Choices, No Crashing, No Cheating!)
3. Moderate Exercise
4. Get Lit (Partying) once a month at least, hard liquors.
5. Nicotine (Vaping 6mg) while coding.
6. Caffeine (Bulletproof Coffee)
7. League of Legends breaks.
8. Weekly Cigar Social with other professionals.

Balance Vice with Virtue is a great combination for getting stuff done.

What keeps you going?

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    Ketogenic diet is an interesting idea, however it's gonna take a while before your body adapts to using ketones.. Until then, hello keto-flu (2-3 week span)..

    However It's a good way to stabilize your blood sugar, which could benefit many of the devs that chug down energy drinks like there is no tommorow..

    Did you know, it's also being used to treat types of diabetes and pre-diabetes? :)
    - I find Dr. Berg @youtube to be good at explaining it.

    Personally however, I find my particular lifestyle to work best with a high protein diet and large servings of carbs around workouts to work the best :)

    The part about "getting lit", I'm not so keen on.. Probably because I've never had a positive experience with parties especially when alcohol is involved.
    However letting yourself loose in order to "unshackle" your mind is certainly a worthwhile thing, especially if you're feeling like running against a wall.. :
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    @lotd lots of positive experiences partying here. Didn’t start until my 30s haha. There was a learning curve.
    I’ve been on Keto over a year. Down 70 pounds. Lots of energy. It’s lifestyle now and I love it. I’ve never been so thin since my teens.
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