Do you think that Dev's should have sudo privileges? As I Linux Engineer that thought scares the shit out of me.

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    u mean user that is not root?
    If u have only one user and its your computer, why not?
    (depends on how u take security seriously but remember, who get physical access to ur computer owns it anyway. unless u encrypt ur hdd.)
    (and if u know what u doing with command before sudo, dont scare.)
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    I think they should but definitely should have to sit some sort of test, I am a Dev but have a bit of background in network administration so I have a reasonable grasp of what is ok to do and what's not. Alot of Devs i work with I'd pull there permissions in a heartbeat
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    Im not a linux user, but I think that if you tell people to use Linux they might need it, almost every time I need to help a colleague (linux user) I would have to add sudo to my commands. I know what I can do myself and otherwise I would ask. I understand not every dev is like that though.
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