today I learned that there are actually two ways how you can wire a RJ45 socket (wifi cable)

today was also a longer day than planned ...

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    you talmbout crossover cable, b?

    great cable, never used one
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    Wifi cable, hehe
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    @swolebrothers pretty useful. I remember using one. Me and my sibling were playing games across one of these without the need of a switch in between, was pretty nice

    These cables usually are marked in a specific way, so you would know that it is a crossover cable tho. In our case it had a red shrink tube close to the connectors and crossover cable written on the insulation.
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    You mean Ethernet cable, right ?
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    Umm, who knew wifi had cables 🤔
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    @thebiochemic I still have a few laying around in a box somewhere.

    We just did little adhoc networks to move data or play vidja games with them.
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    @mansur85 yes and I'm color blind as F. Making those connectors made me crazy. That's what happened
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    Unless you're into sm, just go with b
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    @myss I did! and the former cables that were wired in that plug board were also B.
    but now the elechicken installed new cables and wired all new sockets in A

    which I only realized when I had all done and wanted to verify the locations were labeled right
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    @swolebrothers would only be a crossover of 1 2 with 3 6 i.e. the oranges and greens
    And I pressume we wanna use all pairs if we paid for them
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    American and British types 😀
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