need a good idea for app or game? follow this quick guide.

1. prepare a notebook.
2. prepare a pen.
3. go to toilet.
4. start writing the ideas.
5. make millions.

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    ... no ideas coming,
    am out of shit...
    and is now sitting in a stinking toilet...
    atop a pile of shit...

    I hate myself. T.T
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    @horngyih eat beans and drink coffee xD
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    @WildReu -
    Now sitting atop a pile of shit that smells like coffee......
    and instead of ideas.... fart keeps coming out....

    T.T :P
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    @horngyih smells like coffee hmmm coffee is java, java is coffee..

    a little more and you will get idea boost hhh =D
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    I had an idea... Write an app to replace the notepad and pen when I go to the toilet for app ideas brainstorm
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    My ideas come to me in the shower.. to bad I don't have some sort of water resilient notebook for that
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    @NivOps well my phone are waterproof, so I write in the shower.. you have waterproof note too
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    I personally have neither of the above, but maybe its time to purchase one. If that's the thing that's keeping me from being a millionaire I guess it's worth it :)
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    @NivOps jokes aside, write every idea that you have, maybe in the future this idea will bring the change to something big.
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    1. Steal underpants
    2. ???
    3. Profit.

    It's that simple folks.
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    2. get beaten?
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    @WildReu Almost definitely.
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