How everyone uses stackoverflow:
1. Work on some project
2. Spot a bug
3. Try to solve the bug and fail.
4. Write a question for SO.
5. Post question on SO.
6. Get the answer and some points.

How I use stackoverflow:
1. Work on some project
2. Find a bug
3. Try to fix the bug and fail
4. Write a question on SO
5. Get scared that I might be downvoted.
6. Spend 45 minutes optimizing the structure of the question.
7. Try additional tests to cover all possible scenarios.
8. Still scared to click post.
9. Scrap everything and restart line by line writing further details of each step in your question.
10. Find the bug myself.
11. Click cancel on the question that took me 3+ hours to write.
12. Cry.

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    Lol.. that's me! 😂
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    First time I posted on SO, after searching really deep for a rather uncommon thingy, I got a rude ass cunt straight up replying some sarcastic shit and downvoted in less than 20 seconds
    -> deleted post and acc and spent two days before finding the bug on my own
    God I wish I could curbstomp all those pretentious fucks over the Internet sometimes...
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    You see, SO is helping without even doing anything. I love it.
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    My first stackoverflow question got down voted since then I never asked a question there! 😂
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    @elonmusk now I don't feel as alone 😂
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    Fuck this is too real
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    This was me in my freshman in university writing beginner code. I asked a question on "for loops" that I was stuck on my project cos I couldn't get the result I was expecting. The way some guys on SO treated me almost made me feel useless and almost gave up on coding. But look at me now, laughing at that experience. Lol I can def relate to this rant.
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    Goes on Stack overflow to ask a question about why code is not working. Writes the question really well and explains everything. Gets down voted for variable names to -5.
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    Hexchat is a good ressource for info. Irc type for coders.

    Just quick typing quick answer and no downvoting. But Boeing ignored does make you feel very small ;)
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    I've never posted to SO for similar reasons, despite lurking there for years
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    When I post about tkinter in python a dick bag named Bryan Oakley replies really rudely.. And he replies to almost every tkinter post its really weird
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    I'm so trained to associate irrelevant scores applied to development tools with abuse that I was honestly kind hesitant to use this app when I saw it projected user scores.
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    @cyberlord64 That's how it SHOULD be done! Thank you for keeping SO's noise to signal ratio low!
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    I ask stupid question. I ask the mod to help me delete it. I expect downvote But at the end it got a few upvotes
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    I relate a lot.
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    First, make a map of solutions for your problem,
    Pick the most simple one, that solves it without needing major changes at a later step.

    cannot Google your issue? rephrase it.
    If it's still not there, take a break then go through your code to make sure you've not messed something up.

    Still can't solve it?
    Alrighty, now it's time to make sure it isn't a matter of out of sync libraries.

    Uh, you still here?
    Alrighty, try to explain the problem and reproduction steps, if you find the steps for reproducing obscure, entangled.. A mess.
    Chances are it'll get you down votes for asking about it..

    Else go ahead, post it.

    Yeah, it may be a bit overkill in many cases.
    But it's a working recipe. at least for me, so far :)
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    Next time just post the question and your own answer, if you're question wasn't a duplicate you just helped a future Googler (and rescued the time spent crafting question and answer)
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    @coagmano Can confirm that I do this, especially with tricky issues
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    Ironically, I just go to the daily programming threads on /g/. They're usually pretty helpful, but you do get the occasional asshole.
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