Damn, help me guys. Tomorrow I'm invited to a "friends" party.
Don't want to go, but have to. I hate partys. I hate all this shit, alcohol, drunk people. Have to stay there for at least 6h, until 1am or so. I hate drinking alcohol, doing stupid alcohol drinking games.
And I don't like this friend. I don't have much contact with him in the last few months. I thought he would understand that I don't like him. But no - he never lets me alone. Don't want this.
Let me fucking code - I want to have my free time, let me alone. Don't need that friends. The school mates on my apprenticeship are good enough for me, they are friendly, thinking the same way and don't drink alcohol all the time.
I hate this. Damn. Hopefully I will survive this fucking party. Maybe I can browse devRant half time of the party.
Am I the only one who doesn't need all that shit? Partys, alcohol, social interaction all the time?

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    Dude, it's simple. "I don't want to be your friend."

    Problem solved.

    *pops open another beer and continues coding*

    //shit, I lied.

    *pops open another beer and continues playing Stellaris*
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    Nobody needs it, but you're only young once and look on the bright side, you'll get to see and experience how sidetracked alot of young people are by our consumer capitalist 21st century culture. And therefore bask in your sense of superiority.
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    @erik404 Unfortunately it isn't that simple. He lives about a minute away from me, he knows me since 17 years or so.
    But he isn't that type of friend I like (I don't need many friends by the way).
    He just .. should let me alone
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    @GC97 take this advice from this old fart. Be honest, always. Even if it hurts other people.

    You're at this party now for what? Because he made you? And you don't even like him? Fuck that. Be honest. You deserve it, but also he.
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    @erik404 I told him yesterday that I don't like it - but he said that I should come, he wants it because we know each other so long. I mean, he can be sometimes okay, but he is just different than me. I said this to him too. I just hoped that he won't longer search contact. But he still does. After half a year we didn't met, I thought he understood it
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    @GC97 well, he's probay a bit dense.

    "Sorry bro, we grown up to be different persons and I don't enjoy the same things you do. I love other things and I think that we should leave it at that"


    I know that you are irritated, but don't forget that he is also a human being with emotions who deserves your honesty.
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    I love everything you described that you hate 😅
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    @linuxxx really? I'm curious - I don't like these things. Party's, thousands of friends. Don't need all that social interaction. Sometimes I think if this is normal - or not - not having the desire meeting with friends.
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    @GC97 I'm a very social and extrovert person, that might help :)
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    @linuxxx Same for me though...

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    @erik404 Rotterdam... Beetje ver weg. 😅
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    @linuxxx Rotterdam is nooit ver weg!
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    Lock your doors and close the curtains. Sit down at pc. Say aloud fuck'em and do what you want. I do that every wedding, birthday, funeral or anything where i might get invited. An invitation is a forced social agreement. And that is a step away from rape. Fuck'em.
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    I like all those things. But sometimes I prefere to just stay at home and code, which is absolutely okay. My friends know I'm like that and they accept it, if I tell them I won't come.

    Just tell him, that you don't feel like going. Period.

    It's your life, your decision. Probably he thinks, that he's "helping" you beining "normal". Fuck it. Just be you. You are perfect the way you are.

    A thing that clmes to my mind about different people: "What's normal for the spider, is terror for the fly." so just because it's normal for him, it doesn't mean it's normal for you. <3
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    I lolled at "And I don't like this friend."
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    Sounds like you guys got it covered, but I'll just throw my 2 cents in…

    While I agree with these guys that you should be honest, at the same time it can be good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while, especially if it's to see an acquaintance you've known for a long time. One night of being uncomfortable (don't drink if you don't want to tho) might end up keeping you on good terms with an old friend. …or acquaintance.

    Just saying maybe he really appreciated you going out with him, so think of it as doing one for him. If he's a good dude and worth remaining friends with, he'll appreciate the effort.
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    Or do what I do, engage in the drinking games (pour your own shots of water or whatever beverage matches the colour they're drinking) and get them soooo fucked up so fast they don't even know you're not drinking. 👍🏼
    Then just spend the rest of your time fucking with their drunken heads and making them do dumb shit. 👌🏼
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    @CG97 hey man listen if he wants to socialize then he should do it like a NORMAL person, over a tea or lunch, brunch...... anyways if your not configurable don't go and tell him, if he still doesn't listen stay at home!!!!!
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    I agree with the old fart - honesty is generally the best route to go. If he still nags you I'd just not go.
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