Why. Just why, making a installer only working when Windows first installed language is En-US. If its En-GB, no way it gonna work. And if you got more then one language installed. Good luck, you need to remove them from Windows Registries and try again. Now do it for 30-35 computers 😅🤮. How tf they are doing millions with this crap 🤦

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    Seems like a defective product to me. Cannot do, bossman. Get a refund for that shit.
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    now thats geo blocking on a next level
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    You downloaded the wrong ISO! I remember formatting my laptop coz I installed en-US 🤢🤮 instead of en-IN, n coz that one was Home so single language and cudnt change later

    Download the correct ISO and reinstall, better than seeing "color" lmao
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    The fuck?
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    @azuredivay Support are saying this is the only way to install this garbage, unfortunately 😕
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    @saucyatom unfortunately, I am only the marketing and tech guy there, this is the main business which now own the company where I work, making this decision 🙄😓
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    I recall having a similar problem to install a game back in the day, back in the days of "InstallShield", just can't recall what game it was

    I wonder what kind of software you're installing
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    @nururururu a Dealer Management System , the type of software that have lots of rewrite and no modernisation of the stack nor optimisation so it run like shit. And install like shit. A fking nightmare so far.
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    I hope they don't expect much sales outside the States
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    @electrineer We are not based in US this is why we got issues when installing it. Even with the EN-CA (Named En-GB in the registries) it did not worked. I had to remove every language and install only En-US, a true pain in the *** for every computer that need it lol.
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