Hey devrant, what do y'all listen to when you're working? What gets you in the zone?

Personally, I listen to a lot of chiptunes, some Opeth, Black metal, 70's, and lately, a lot of Mega Drive. Awesome stuff, but it's admittedly a weird mix. Always looking to find new stuff to listen to.

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    You may like chill hop (if you've not tried it out yet). Used to think it was shitty elevator music, but it's actually pretty great.
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    60's, 90's, classic rock, I need to broaden my horizons haha
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    @ctmalloy Ever tried progressive rock? If not, you might dig Dream Theater, Kansas, Rush, Opeth. That kinda stuff.
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    @nosoup4u I'll check it out
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    Synthwave / Darkwave is most epic for programming 😎
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    @qbasic16 never heard of darkwave, I'll check it out. Actually haven't heard of chill hop either...
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    Opeth and mozart. Anything instrumental basically. The greatful dead and pish are good too
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    So far everyone seems like some chill bros
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    Shoegaze, noise rock, post rock, experimental, glitch, and general electronica
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    @nosoup4u have you tried minimalist composition? Listen to 'Divenire' or 'In a Time Lapse' by Ludovico Einaudi.
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    - Carpenter Brut
    - Perturbator
    - Hotline Miami 1&2 Ost
    - Scandroid
    - Dance with the dead
    - Payday 2 Ost
    - VHS dreams
    - Lazerhawk
    - Le Castle Vania
    - GosT
    - Savant
    - Infected Mushroom
    - Russian Hardbass
    - LoFi hiphop beats
    - Classic Russian Waltzes

    You're welcome.
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    50s rock and roll, 20s-30s jazz and synthwave.
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    post-rock: 'This will destroy you', 'Oh Hiroshima'

    lots of electronic chill sound.
    check: Perry lights, emancipator, Grammatik, Aether

    sometimes psy-trance like: Ace Ventura, Sesto Sento, Neelix
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    silence works the best for me.

    However, I have a 2yo running around all the time, so.
    Silence only happens when he's being bad.

    Yeah, I get like nothing done ._.
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    Personally, I go for a bit of Chopin piano music every time. I am, however, a profoundly unfashionable person.
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    Mostly heavy, melodic, death and black metal. Cant code without it
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