Do you ever have a chaotic idea at night and go searching for a domain name instead of sleeping?

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    Not in a long time.

    I did make a domain for micro controllers once. I decided to brand it like an old man was running the site. So I called it oldmanmicro.com. Got the site setup and everything. Started working on content. Then I searched for old man micro. Third hit was something about some dudes micro penis. I kind of lost steam after that.
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    Every night where I have to get up early and really need the sleep
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    Yep, I hit on the domain name I thought was a really good fit for my site, had to get up and register it immediately.
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    i did, costs me 300 euros a year, by now
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    I know it will die faster than a google service so nah, I just let it be in my repositories.
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    Not exactly search for a domain name but a couple of nights ago I got an itch to browse 4chan at night and that was my really disturbing night so far.
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    Yes. I had couple of strange domains back than.
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    @Demolishun now you could make that your own honest blog.
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    @electrineer taking a stab at my tiny dick...

    Reminds me of a song:

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    @MammaNeedHummus you can tell I write db queries based on the previous message's sentence structure ^
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