C++ absolute madness. Most C++ devs are just writing hacky stuff, that isnt even near to a great solution...

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    No, just no. Don't paint all devs with one brush. We use c++ at work and have a pretty respectable code base. I'll admit there are a few legacy sections lacking doxygen but for the most part it's readable, high quality and fast.

    Dodgy devs can write dodgy code no matter the language.

    Good devs good code no matter the language.

    And welcome to devRant!
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    I love c++
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    Hello there fellow java dev
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    @Tytanium you suk :v
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    This comment section proves that there are still good people around.
    Feels like home 😻
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    In my job, c++ is used for game development because of its performance.
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