I've always tried to live by the philosophy that you should never burn bridges, but my god some recruiters make it very difficult. I've had a handful of occasions where I've had to type out a nasty email to a recruiter and then just not send it after I realized I wouldn't want it getting around/you never know who they known.

The latest incident where I did this was with a recruiter who emailed me 3 times within a week. But my issue wasn't with the amount of emails or even the fact that he was shopping me frontend positions despite my resume clearly stating I'm a backend dev/data engineer.

My issue was... THE GUY FUCKING REFERRED TO HIMSELF AS "BATMAN". That's right - an adult human being so desperate to get the attention of developers that he set his email name to "Batman", signs his emails "Full name - A.K.A. Batman", and lists his phone number like "BatPhone: xxx.xxx.xxxx"

If I didn't find him so pretentious and he actually sent me a kind of relevant position, what would I do? Pick up the phone and call him and say "hey Batman." Jesus fucking Christ. What an absurd gimmick. Maybe I'm overreacting but it seems so childish.

And you know what, if the guy read my resume and sent me relevant stuff I probably would have said "meh, he's doing good work, if he wants to stand out/be silly whatever." But no, he didn't even look at my skills. Instead he thought 3 shitty emails where he called himself Batman would convince me to write back to him.

I was close to sending him a ridiculous response and signing it "Robin", but decided it wasn't worth it.

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    I'm BATMAAN!
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    Hell yeah, when life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade, get MAD! Make life you rue the day it thought it could give you lemons! Burn life's house down, with the lemons.
    :) Cave Johnson is the man!
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    You could send a passive aggressive mail signing
    - The Joker HaHaHa

    You could always justify by saying "Why so serious ?" 😜
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    @byte exactly my thoughts
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    @Letmecode damn I'd love to see the reaction
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    @byte @Letmecode you know what? I'm tempted to, but I honestly believe you can say pretty much anything to a recruiter and they will still see it as a win since they got you to respond, technically making them closer to "placing you."

    I could see this convo happening:

    Me: Hey Batman - I have a riddle for you - go fuck yourself. Love, -The Riddler

    Recruiter: Hi David - thanks for the response. So do you find any of the positions I have available interesting? We should set up a call to discuss.
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    @dfox well maybe something more you know, like

    Who sucks, and is a motherf****, and can go f*** himself?


    - The riddler

    Still would be an awesome joke
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    So, for what I have seen recruiters are a evil for which there is no cure yet, I really hope no recruiter joins devrant ever
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    @jpichardo that response would be hilarious. I'll think about it haha.

    About the recruiter thing on devRant, I think what @Letmecode said would happen and I haven't even seen any of them attempt it :)

    On a side note, I had a devRant monetization/pr idea a while back but not everyone was a fan of it so we didn't pursue it.

    Basically, my idea is that we'd find desperate recruiters who were so desperate to get candidates that they'd pay us to run a contest with the goal of who could deprecate them with the best burn/insult based on some info/photo of the recruiter. I wanted to call it like "recruiter bash" or something lol. And in turn for their payment and agreement to get absolutely demolished they'd get to write a blurb "I have some blah blah blah positions."

    I thought it could have been fun and gotten us some PR too. Maybe negative PR though haha.
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    Maybe the thought of his parents being shot in an alley cheers you up...
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    @dfox well it is not as we devs have good reputation tho
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    if I would go the riddler route I would at least start with: riddle me this batman
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    Fuck off you orphan cunt.

    Kind Regard,

    The guy who killed your parents
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    He does like NaNs
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    Hahahah I actually think I who this is person is in real life lol!
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    @Bikonja When life gives you lemons, add wodka*
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    I like to make jokes about burning bridges, but I actually never did it. We never know how things will be tomorrow.

    But some recruiters really have no idea what they are doing. Actually, I am not even sure if I like the idea of someone who is there just to hire people of "any" position.

    Same happens with sales and buying guys, but I am going to write a rant only about them.
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    @Skayo no. I am BATMAN.
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    @batman yo set this shit straight
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    *sigh* problem with 21st century Batman. No one believes that he is the GOD DAMN BATMAN :(
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    @Bikonja 1. Cave Johnson is the man. 2. When life shoves lemons up ur ass, squeeze and make lemonade
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    I gave up on LinkedIn as it's only relevant for recruiters. But here is one that I find worth remembering:

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    @anyhus πŸ˜‚ wow I miss the good old days when Batman was more protective of his secret identity
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    @lunarkittie yeah gotta be discreet if you're Batman gosh who is this imposter
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    @dfox you should've sent a rant email with this gif at the bottom
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    @dfox You should impersonate Alfred and tell this joker (pun intended ;D) that you are burning his ****ing batcave down if he contacts you one more time ...
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    Was it this dude?
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    @taylorviktorya lol, I didn't expect to see something like that,
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    @jpichardo glad I could help make your day a little bit more interesting :D
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    @krlooss I'm a sorry, I was busy with Superman.
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