I do tech support for our platform for real estate agents. Today I got a call from a user saying she can't find her files.

Me: "are you logged into the platform?"

Her: "Yes, but I hate this whole technology thing. Why is it so complicated and unintuitive"

Me: "which part exactly, we welcome feedback"

Her: "when I download my pictures from your site, I don't see them on the desktop..."

Me: "...ummm... have you checked your 'downloads' folder?"

After 5 minutes of explaining how to get to it...

Her: "you see, this is exactly what I mean, why does it have to be so unintuitive... your web site is poorly designed"


Should I just delete her "FREE" account?

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    I guess it beats working with fake estate agents.
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    Actually, the folder structure in Windows and Linux is very intuitive. The Mac structure could use some work (I hate trying to find places on a Mac...)
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    But the computer is supposed to do exactly what I want, how I want, without me telling it what I want, or how I want.
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    @RiderExMachina I find it pretty nice, but I'm used to it. Why is it better on Windows/Linux?
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    This IS THE worst!
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    Tell her to find a website that does it the way she wants it so you can copy it... Alternatively, just tell her she's way to stupid to go anywhere near a computer
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    I assume you're talking as a Mac user?

    The biggest issue I have is with Finder, not being able to go up a folder or type in which folder I want to go into is very annoying a frustrating for me.

    With Windows however, the folder structures make sense: Program Files are obviously where the programs you installed are located. Windows is obviously the folder where the Windows specific files are located. Users is where the user data is.

    From Users (and this is true of most modern OSs, Mac included), it's self explanatory; Documents, Downloads, Music, Videos, etc.

    But my main issue with the Mac folder structure is the hidden folders, that you can only get to if you stand on one foot, do a rain dance, sacrifice your firstborn to Stan (typo intended), and do a backflip whilst whistling the Mac startup sound.
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    @RiderExMachina CMD-up to go up a folder and shift-cmd-g I think is to type in a file path to visit. There's a path bar you can enable as well, but I recall it being feature-less and barebones. Right-clicking the current folder name lets you navigate to any parent folder. The one-foot sacrificial rain dance with a backflip is shift-cmd-. then you'll see hidden folders.

    Obviously this stuff isn't clear unless you google it, but personally I prefer the shortcuts because it's faster and makes Finder looks less cluttered (Which is my problem with File Explorer)
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    Just tell her that the website doesn't determine save location, so you cannot change that.

    Maybe a browser extension could do it, but Meh.
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    This is what you get when people get used on "fileless" iPads.
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    Why stop at deleting her account. Go for broke and delete her existence.
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