yesterday: oh what the yeck? 'cd' fills your path by hitting 'tab' once? How the hell could i survive the past 6 years i've been using linux?

today: oh, what? no... it works with every command in the shell.... linux does that for you <3

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    sorry to disappoint you, but that you expierenced is an package for bash for autocompletition. It works only for the most commands.
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    @stop you will never disappoint with informations :D
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    Welcome to this awesome place!
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    @stop yeah but you can easily extend to whatever programs you want.
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    Try to combine zsh with termite, that is a real pleasure.
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    then you discover "!" and linux becomes one of the world wonders
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    >6 years i've been using linux

    I find that hard to believe. Tab completion is one of the first things someone using the terminal learns.
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    Oh, this is about tab completion. At first I thought typing "cd " and hitting tab would extend it to PATH (or the first entry of it).
    I just recently found that executing "cd" will put be in my home directory.
    Also try using zsh. It is so fucking great.
    Kinda ashamed to ask, but what does ! do? I only know "sudo !!"
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    Write "!" Then the first chars of a previous command you used before. Hit tab and it autocompletes to the last line/command you used. Really useful when you want that last ssh connection
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    @demiko I use the terminal so much that trying to get to that line could take ages using the up button
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    Try "alt + ." to use the last argument of the previous command. Eg

    $ mkdir ../pornStash
    $ cd <alt + . > // will make "../pornStash" appear after cd command
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    I blew my boss' mind a few years ago. "this mysql command is way too complex for you. I'll give you a new headset if you can replicate it."

    Challenge accepted.

    Cat the .mysql history.

    There's the over complicated command.

    "hey boss." He laughed and lived up to his promise. He was a good boss.
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    thanks for your great Input... I'm going deeper into linux since I found my appointment in 'computer science' about a years ago... till then i was just a windows refugee
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