It's irritating when people think app development is as easy as creating the wireframing...

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    Why not? I can see it on my screen. Therefore, it should work as shown, right? Just add green here and red there. Why are you taking so long? ;)
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    Also depends on the language or framework. Javafx anyone?
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    I also love when the graphic designers tell me: "Can you move this label 2 pixels to the left?"

    Motherfucker that is not how it works.
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    @AlmostPerfekt I make them sit next to me then make the change and build/run project. When they try to leave o tell them to stay put because it's almost ready.

    After the third change they learn to give every details all at once
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    Don't let people irritate you.

    Look at the state of the world today. People are clearly total cunts. Don't waste the energy being upset by them.
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    I mean the only thing u have to do after wireframing is build it....I mean that's the easy part right? Haha.
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    @AlmostPerfekt Almost perfect rant, indeed.

    /me Genuinely laughing out loud at that one lol
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