Does anyone find the laravel documentation just lacking? It seems like it the twitter feed of documentation leaving out very important information that leaves me banging my head for hours. I really like laravel and much better than working with raw php but I wish there was an option in the drop down for additional a more flushed out version with more code examples. I understand experts don't want to parse through tons of text just to find the correct artisan command but c'mon.

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    Dive into the code, it is very readable and well documented.
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    Laravel.com/docs has the documentation on how to use it.
    laravel.com/docs/api is the documentation of the code.
    And there is also documentation in the framework itself.

    Tbh I never had better documentation than laravel before.
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    Yes the layout is great, clean, easy to navigate and straight forward. Laracasts are my go to for the details but sometimes I don't want to watch a 15 minute video just to get one little detail.
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    Thank you! You just said it! Its so bad!
    Thank god I've been using it for years so I know their kind of style so it's easy to figure out on my own.
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    Wh is so bad about it and what would be a better example of documentation?
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