What do you think about ageism in the tech industry? I see articles where Facebook/Google pride themselves that their employee median age is not over 30. Why is that of any importance? Is it hard for seasoned developers to find a job or adapt to the "youth culture" in tech companies? Any of you felt bullied by your younger colleagues? Finally, will this change in the next 10 years since developers in their 20s will be approaching their 40s, or once they reach that age they will go to the special developer graveyard and commit harikiri?

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    Sounds about right... Means nothing though because programming barns are packed with young talented coders, as one would assume... how many of them are on management positions? How many managers are needed? A lot of it its about giving the image of freshness in industry... I don't want to see Ballmer's ass telling me about the latest in tech... Put Montemagno to talk about fucking javascript frameworks and hear him "WHOOO" while compiling his shit live...

    In the end experience its irreplaceable.
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    I experience the opposite.. I've had too many people assume I don't know what I'm doing because I'm "too young." I know this isn't normal, but I'm probably not the only one. Stupid age bias goes both ways
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    @Jop- gotcha. I know that, but in terms of discrimination, everyone focuses on "old" age being protected, not younger employees.
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