I just realized I haven't been using MacOS on my iMac for more than 4 months
I guess I won't buy new Apple stuff in the future😅
Awesome machine but I just like Windows more

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    Fuck Apple!
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    I feel the same way with my MBA. I've used it more as a Linux machine than a Mac machine...

    Though everyone knows Macs are overrated anyway...
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    I can get a macbook from work, I will get it and make it my secondary laptop with a dualboot.

    I wont pay for it myself though
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    Apple-great desktop and laptop os but overpriced products.
    Windows-some shit idk anything good about it except real VS.
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    Lemme just get @linuxxx
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    It's absolute a waste of money to buy a Mac just to use a non OSX operating system. Don't do it.
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    What's the point on buying a really expensive machine and putting in a free OS? Wouldn't it be a better idea to buy a machine with same specs, but not apple (thus, cheaper)?
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    @taglia nah the price for the same specs of Apple is usually insane as well. The price premium stems from cost inefficient hardware component choices (these days mainly their SSDs and overclockable CPUs which thermal throttle at stock clocks).
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    @Zennoe I actually had an iMac and found it work really awesome with Arch+Awesome and didn't have to deal with a lot of OSX crap. And the iMac has a great screen, so win win!
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    @Zennoe I used to work on Mac, then I returned to Windows (and Linux)
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    @Latsky Absolutely, can't disappoint can I 😂
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