I am usually lurking in here since I never really worked as a Software Developer, but until I start going to the University, I thought I might also find myself a job in Software Development.

Well... I don't know where to start.

Someone in here heard of JBoss? Me neither... we're using it... It is a Framework to deploy fortified Java Web Applications. My first day was very chaotic and was dedicated to get this fucking shit to work. I got JBoss 7.5 from my colleagues and started deploying the hello world program...

So. Many. Things. Gone. Wrong...

After like 5 hours of troubleshooting, I had to install/setup a new wrapper with my own batch scripts, install SPECIFICALLY jdk 1.7_17 (anything else won't work) and downgrade JBoss to 7.2.

Yeah that's the first thing. Let's continue about JBoss. Version 7.2 uh? What's the newest one though? Oh it's now known as WildFly... huh... FUCKING HELL, THE NEWEST ONE IS VERSION 10.1??? AND EVEN 10.1 IS 1 YEAR OLD? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCKK AAAAAAHH...

So yeah, after that, without any expectation, I had a look at our codebase. Unit tests huh? I couldn't find a single self written one to test the applications functions... I asked my fellow devs and they told me that "it is too time consuming and we have to focus on new features, the QM Team will just manually test the application". Ever heard this bullshit? A big fat ass codebase with shittons of customers and not a single unit test...

So last but not least, since it is a web application, it also got a site. Y'know RichFaces? The deprecated front end library for Java Webpages? Where you got like 150 Tables per page everyone with a random id everytime you reload? Yeah I don't think I have to explain that to you guys...

So now YOU tell me? Is this a place to be 😂😂😂

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    Omg, do you work at a government place or wtf
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    @RazorSh4rk the company is developing software for supply chain and transport management and also all other management tasks
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    JBoss is the devil. My company's product runs on the JBoss platform. I no longer work on that product, happily so.
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    Does this project happen to be funded by some northern country like sweden or something?
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    OMFG. Jboss is demon spawn. We were comparing terrible filthy ways of needing to do things in our current awful and depressing system and someone mentioned how much worse it would be if we used jboss.

    Part of my job is to make sure things stay healthy and don't trigger events and incidents. But i can't do that for the few things on jboss. 94% of the things that were sent to jboss got moved back to other system within a month.
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    @RazorSh4rk no not really, but why exactly sweden?
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