I recently learned why you shouldn't delete your linux partition by just pressing the 'delete volume' button.

I currently own a SP3(i7, 256gb).
I got bored of windows and installed Linux Mate. It ran quite fast and snappily. All was good.

Then I looked on the internet. Apparently fedora runs really well on the SP3. So I deleted my Linux partition by pressing 'delete volume'.

Turns out, thats a bad idea. Grub was in that partition, so when I restarted my tablet, it booted into the 'grub rescue>' prompt.

After messing around, I finally found that pressing the Volume Down button and power button at the same time seemed to boot into my Fedora Live USB.

All the while, I was quite worried I'd lost all of my assignments(I knew I could have used the minitool of gparted live cd).

Finally I got it to install, and all was good again. Has anyone else made this mistake?

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    Haven't made that mistake but nice first rant, welcome muchies! 🙌🙋
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    Woo! I'm ready to go! Thanks for the welcome!
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    Well, I recently deleted the efi boot partition on an XPS. Took me a while to figure out how to get everything to work again :)
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    @siksik Good to hear you worked it out!
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    @coolq thanks :)
    I'm glad that you could get it running too!
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    I did. in fact, I did it several times.
    some of my friends asked me to dual boot their laptop (win+linux). then one day they come to realize that they don't need linux anymore (a shame!) and asked me to "uninstall" linux.
    basically, all you need to do to "uninstall" linux is to delete the partition, so I did it right away without realizing the consequences (GRUB!). most of the times I'd need to use live USB again to boot to Windows and repair the boot loader
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    These days with uefi you can just delete the partition. Go bsck to your boot menu and select windows as first priority and you're done. Even before all you might need to do is boot from the appropriate cd (windows or linux) and fix the boot records to use the remaining boot loader.
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