How did you find devRant? I was on YouTube watching a video then a Wix ad came up. After listening to the first sentence "Learn how to design your own website..." I stopped the video because of how bullshit it was. I went to Google and type in: "Wix is shit" and found a small rant here with the literal string. I decided to make an account and comment on it. But my comment was too long so I shaved a few words off. And went to the feed when I was done and liked the content.

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    While I found devrant mentioned on Reddit, I wanted to point out how happy I am not to be the only one googling "******* is shit" sometimes.
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    Google play store recommended apps like Enki
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    I found it on Google play and it seems like im not the only one
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    A fossbytes.com article!
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    A skilled team member and I were talking about where we go to blow off steam... mine used to be reddit's programmer humour and horror subs.

    He mentioned devrant and the rest is (almost) history.
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    Google play showed me the light.
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    Another officer in my ACM chapter at school posted it on slack for everyone. I know at least one other founder is on here, but I haven't seen any other known usernames.

    No idea how that first founding officer found it, though.
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    I googled "Strategies for unfucking legacy applications"

    It turns out you fuckers say "fuck" a lot.
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    @unfuckers-inc have you met @LetMeCode? He's creative with it
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    @taylorviktorya Lol yep I'm fairly sure it was one of his posts to start with
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    @unfuckers-inc hahahahahahah I love that phrasing... my tech debt project is getting renamed to that!
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    @jmacmi2 Everyday I walk in to work humming the motif of NIN "Starbuck ers Inc" to that effect. It's basically my entire job right now.
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    @unfuckers-inc that's awesome man, I've had the same sort of job for about 5 years now (I need a shift)... but I always refer to it as wiping someone's arse for them, or the mop up crew.

    I like the more direct approach of "unfucking" their nonsense
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    No word of a lie, I found it by googling "why does Swift suck". 😂😂

    It felt like I'd met my soulmate. I've been here ever since!
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