I had to renew my I.D.

I went to my town offices but their software kept crashing without hope because I'm born on Feb 29.

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    Not even you get a birthday every four years, but also this. Man you must be so lucky!
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    at least your familyname is not "Null"
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    @heyheni it's not worth registering on sites that treat text input "null" and null value as equals anyways.
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    Oh god... I hate going to the hospital because they're always "upgrading" their software.

    I usually see a conglomerate forms application that links out to 8/9 external systems for each task. Built by some third party in a rush without understanding the existing systems at all.

    Basically it goes: we need an app that brings together all our existing apps for different tasks... that gets done, then "we need an app that does this specific task and doesn't link into [conglomerate app]... rinse and repeat on a 5 year cycle, spending billions at a time to "upgrade".

    The bloods unit now have tablets on the wall for scheduling... I.e. When you're done, press done and we'll schedule the next patient into this bay... they don't use it, they use one tablet and call in 5 people at a time like they used to then wonder why they have a patient bottleneck (literally) getting in the door.

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    ... the only thing i can think is they didn't think to test 2/29 as even an edge case?

    What type of idiot (with obvious computer access) doesn't realize that, once every 4 years, February does, in fact, have 29 days?

    How have they survived life this long???
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    Reminds me of this xkcd...
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    @heyheni this article is so much bullshit lol, null!="null"
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    @fun2code I rarely celebrate 'cause I'm a sociopath. Problem solved XD Though cool people wishes me happy birthday at midnight.

    Also, can making bad software crash be seen as a form of modern superpower?
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    I want that birthday soooo bad x.x
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