I have the image of every member of this community to be some top shot dev who's frustrated because others can't keep up. You get that image from the types of rant you see...
It might be the case that the guy who posted a rant about his manager being useless, and the rant getting 100+ ++ is someone who would have never written a test case in his life!!! (in my opinion that's more bad than a shit manager)

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    Who cares, just don't take everything serious.

    And BTW, I am perfect 😏
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    *graps popcorn*
    attacking devs at their own world, this is gonna be fun ^_^
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    I just judge a rant on what I can see, there is not really a point in thinking the worst.

    Or the best, the guy ranting on his manager might also be the guy that's so frustrated he writes the first AI that passes the turningtest so it can replace it's manager.
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    I think you're assuming we all ++ because we share a similar hatred for things.

    I usually ++ to show support for people, encourage them or if they make me laugh about something relatable.

    With that being said; Once you graduate from college and work for a couple of people. You might be able to relate a bit more.

    PS, don't say "more bad". That's worse than saying "more better"
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    When you're learning a lot because you're on a skilled and well-managed team, you typically don't have much to rant about.
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