Going to spend this whole August, studying Python.

Any tips or suggested route to get the grasp of Python? Should i start at 2.7 then 3 or just go directly to Python 3?

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    2.7 is getting deprecated, absolutely no point in picking up obsolete knowledge. Start with 3.5 or above.
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    I would prefer that you start with 3.6.
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    As someone who's addicted to py2, I wish I learned 3 from the start. Definitely learn 3.
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    Absolutely start with >=3.6
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    Python 3.6 has optional static type checking, I suggest checking that out.
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    def x() -> int:
    return 0

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    @demiko I do for a couple of personal projects, not for older stuff and work seems determined to stick with 2.7 but as I'm a c++ dev at heart I think they're great 🙃
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    Yeah me too, I am thinking of changing carreer to python developer in 2018...
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    Version 2 is history. So why we would prefer that. Python 2 has no advantage against 3
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    The version divide was really Python's most obnoxious downside, glad to hear it's finally moving forward.

    @alwaysmpe Damn, now all I want from Python is concurrency as elegant as in Go...
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    Java developer for 8 years and moved to python, I had lots of bad python practices. Pep8 was a nice helper
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