It today's team meeting my manager asked, "What is GitHub?"

Seven years leading the group. Hired with no dev knowledge. Can't be bothered to acquire any.

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    You'd be surprised to know how many people in the tech industry are walking around having no idea what version control is.
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    Sounds like my cto. Unreal.
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    This is the kind of thing that worries me. And it's painfully clear. The entire world is run by people who don't know what they are doing.

    I bet it's not just the tech industry
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    @iceb that
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    @iceb I don't understand how people like this get jobs and the man gets paid almost double what most of us do.
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    They have wider "impact". I can see that perspective but I can't see how you could definitively say the individual contributors can't have wide impact by being super at what they own.
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    @yesNo It comes down to management's philosophy. When my current manager was hired I was on the interview committee. I told our IT director that if he hired the manager, he would need a lot of support and possibly cause a lot of technical issues (this was more prescient than I could have ever imagined). I was told (and this is a quote) that my current manager's "managerial experience more than makes up for his lack of technical expertise."
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    @this yeah well he has neither good management skills or tech skills 🤡
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    WTF! Maybe he’s a SVN person? Has he used any version control? Lol.
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    @TeachMeCode to my knowledge he has never used version control nor does he understand its purpose. In an email he forwarded to me sent to him by a Microsoft rep, the MS rep refers to the "GitHub code repository." This evidently did not register with my manager as he read this email prior to asking what GitHub is in our meeting.
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    Dunno. I've built my career on actually sending those kind of people to the unemployment queue, and I don't feel bad for it.
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    @yesNo people skills, and bootlicking would be my guess
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    @Tonnoman heavy on the bootlicking, people skills arguable
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    @yesNo I suppose the kind of people skills relevant to bootlicking would be more accurate, heh
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