Dev poll: how long does it take your team to deploy a release and how often do you release?

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    Previous company. Every two weeks

    Now: Whenever a PR is accepted we can release
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    @iceb like your last in my last few companies
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    After the feature gets approved, it usually takes like 5 mins for me to deploy it.

    The hard part comes after that which is to sit in the front of the terminal for an hour or two, hoping that the system doesn't just explode/implode.

    There is no fixed intervals for releases, sometimes it's quick sometimes it takes like 3 weeks to release.
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    Pro max 😎

    Code changes
    Think of testing
    Then become lazy
    Push the code in production
    Test on production

    If its breaking things revert back and then test on local

    Otherwise we good to go

    Dev to production time near real time in most cases

    Who needs adventure when we have deployment
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    Every 2 weeks, we have to go to a committee to verify the risks and our strategy, so we usually deploy medium-sized chunks
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    Full CI/CD run with deployment to 3 environments takes about 15 minutes

    Avg frequency: 3x/week - 1x/2 weeks (depending on how "demoable" the work is)
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