Seeing OOP classes with more than a 1000 lines of code really pisses me off.

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    And how much static calls to other class methods or on the fly instantiation of supposed-to-be dependencies are going on in there? :>
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    You would hate my team’s codebase. The class I’m in right now has 4207 lines of code. Just one implementation file of thousands. (objective-C, I didn’t write it, and good luck finding a “business case” to afford us any refactoring time...)

    I have no control— so all I can do is laugh 😆
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    @BrokeTheInteger Since you started it, I'm working in a codebase right now that has a >16,000 line js file.

    Funny thing is when I was just coming on board I went out for drinks with the lead dev on the project and was venting about how the previous project I was on had a 3000 line file. He kind of sheepishly avoided eye contact and changed the subject. 😂
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    lol, i see this everyday. make my head heat up everytime i see it.
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    Sorry, had to destroy your 64 ++s ;D
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    But I inherited a legacy code monster so any refactor I apply is better.

    Someday I'll get to refactor it out that far, but until then it's breaking up spaghetti into clearly named methods and grouping them within the class.

    If I was writing from scratch I wouldn't have this problem...but...

    ...welll, Google some OSCommerce 2 source samples, there's some within github.

    Okay now imagine that, but before they refactored it from OSCommerce 1, but instead never upgraded, kept piling on features for a decade and only added version control last year.
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    Some files of our business layer contain over 15k lines... Yeah...
    Sounds messy but it's actually still ok to debug it. Only problem: try to open those projects in visual studio. That isn't fun :D
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