Ok. Sap is a cool rompany, right? Im at a coding camp at it. The final challenge will be presented to the parents and the saps ceo. BUT YO U ONLY GIVE ME FUCKING 5 HOURS TO CODE IT??? ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS? YOU EXPECT ME TO USE A RANDOM ALGO OR WHAT??? I WANTED TO IMPLEMENT A ROOMBA ALGO, BUT WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You've enough time to rant, though! Seriously... this is entitled bullshit. "I want everyone to see how wonderful I am!"

    You're at a coding camp. Consider yourself fortunate already - not everyone will have such an opportunity. You've got a chance to pitch to SAP high ups, but you're miffed you don't have time to do exactly what you want! I don't think you're expected to implement a working solution. Every demo is smoke and mirrors.

    If you have a solid idea of what you're doing and how and can communicate that clearly and understandably, no-one will care if it's finished or not - they'll be impressed.

    You know your time limit - deal with it. Such is the commercial world of deadlines and customers.
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    @CrankyOldDev thx for motivatien. Ihave time to rant because of the obligatory pause. But youre right. I think im much too upset, because my big ideas dont work :/
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    @linuxer4fun Fair play. That's just life. You're trying to solve a big problem and allowing the time pressure to stress you out. Deep breaths.

    But the reality of working in software is that the deadlines are never fair and stress is common. So you need to manage it. And be grateful for where you are - it's all very, very valuable experience.
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    ++ by your extensive telegram chat whem you are saying DAMN I DONT HAVE TIME!!! (^-^)v
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    Just make the demo works, it's ok if it's "hardcoded"

    from my experience CEOs just to want to see it in big picture, not technical

    and the most important is will it be profitable for the company or not.

    But i don't know what kind of challenge that you're facing right now

    Just sayin
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