What I did wrong during my home office cleaning session this morning:
- put soap on my mouse mat
- snapped my enter key
- vacuumed up my F8 key
- absent-mindedly cut my ethernet cable
- lost my zero key
- dropped my backup hard drive (data was recoverable, but I need a new drive)
- lost one of the nose pads on my glasses
- got a cocktail stick stuck in a USB port
- exploded my mouse by using the wrong type of battery

Things I did good:
- nothing

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    How the fuck did you managed to do ALL that? Were you on Visually Basicked?

    PS: take it sarcastically analogues to VB drunk
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    Busy morning. Sounds like a busy afternoon trying to fix everything as well
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    Are you up for cleaning hire?
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    @kabhishek I've been travelling the past week, so I'm just very tired.
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    @retnikt One hell of a day, on a killing spree of your home office daemons and core processes πŸ˜‚
    prefer htop next time to clean out the intended processes ☺️
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    I admire your perseverance. I'd have stopped after maybe one or two incidents. But no, you ploughed on... πŸ˜‚
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    You know what will get those smudges off your screen? A hammer.
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    @QueenCodeslut well, technically... They'll still be there
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    @jespersh not if you are really vigilant with that hammer
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    @jespersh if you spray the screen with cleaner first, the hammer helps it clean deeper so you don't get new smudges
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    Which in could ++ that a hundred times, hope it is genuine πŸ˜€
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    Sounds like a SpongeBob episode
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    Need a brain too
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