But I swear it worked on my machine!!

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    I believe you.
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    The only correct reply to this is "FUCK YOU!".

    There are tools out there. Stuff like Docker or Vagrant. What ever ypu prefer. You are able to replicate the exact same system to your computer. The "it works on my machine" excuse isn't valid anymore.
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    @Wack I think the author is aware lol! This excuse is so bad I can see it used only as a joke reference to the wild old times :)
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    That's what Docker containers are for!
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    “Good thing


    Points to

    Your machine.”
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    @Wack You're totally right, couldn't agree more. I meant this as a joke obviously.
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    @Wack different client side browser versions.

    We had this yesterday. It worked everywhere except on one PC. Turned out he had a 3 year old firefoz version...
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    @Codex404 true, that problem still exists... I kknd of start to like the idea of creating an electron app for each website, that way you can control what Chrome version is shiped out :P
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    I swear it worked five mins ago!
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