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Dear fellow devRanters!

I have an announcement to make. After we shared Programmer’s Music (www.programmersmusic.com) on devRant, we had so many awesome user started using our service and they still do. We love you all for that and thank you for you continuous support and use.

Now that our team has become more focused and productive, we took upon a new problem to tackle a few months back. The problem we chose is about increasing email productivity and ability to comprehend knowledge hidden in emails in a more effective way. We are excited to introduce ‘Altmail’! (https://www.altmail.in)

We believe that there’s a hidden treasure in your inbox waiting to be explored. All those newsletters and blog updates, all those deals, all those Medium digests and LinkedIn alerts, contain keys to becoming a better version of yourself. So we have made it Altmail’s mission to help you spend less time organising and more time acquiring knowledge. Altmail transforms your cluttered inbox into the source of knowledge, automagically. 

We are currently in private beta and have limited invites left, to be specific 33 out of 100. Please check it out here - http://at.altmail.in/devRant!

We are looking forward to your honest feedback! :)

Thanks a ton!


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    This looks great, just signed up. I’m on mobile so couldn’t right much, but can’t wait.

    Great job guys!
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    Looks nice! Bookmarked and checking later!
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    Can you tell us how you made your own email? Or share in medium? I really want to have my own email... Please?! @cod3doc
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    Just signed up!
    Looks nice!
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    If you have any question/feedback, let me know. I would be happy to discuss. Thanks. :)
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    @Skayo Thank you. We will get in touch with you soon. :)
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    @CozyPlanes Our awesome tech ninja is already working on a post. Will share soon on our blog. Thanks. :)
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    @anishagnihotri Thank you, Anish. :)
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    @Jilano Sure. Thanks. :)
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    @CozyPlanes BTW, do checkout Altmail. You might love it and won't need your own email server, because Altmail is much more than just an email address!

    Reach out to us at info@altmail.in if any query.

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    @cod3doc already did, does it provide end to end encryption like protonmail or tutamail.com?
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    Looks great, early access request sent.

    Looking forward to using it.
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    @CozyPlanes Altmail is more of a smart inbox without a reply button. It handles all your newsletter, digest, deal and update emails and helps you declutter your primary inbox. So for its current applications end-to-end encryption is not required at this point of time. But it's still an inbox. So we have been using industry standard protocols and security layers to keep it protected. Hope this helps. Thanks. :)
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    Can I bring my own email address?

    Also, isn't it kind of like Google Inbox?
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    @Froot If you already have a secondary email address, you can just forward it to your Altmail ID. A number of our Beta users do that. Reason for this is the way we have designed Altmail, and this is just the beta; A lot more to come to make your email experience better with Altmail; We have just got started.

    I already use Gmail Inbox, but it's not solving my problem, just a mean of running away from the prpblem. 2 months back, tired of my cluttered inbox, I decided to go thru each and every email in my inbox to devise a plan to fight email overload. That's when I realized how much information I was missing out on! There was a hidden treasure of information that I was just ignoring.

    Little more digging made me realize that problem occurs because we receive information in the box where we come to communicate.

    That's when the idea of Altmail took place. Hope this helps.
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    @cod3doc Is there somewhere I can read about the security you're using? Also, I'm missing a privacy statement at your site :).

    Although I won't be using it, awesome that you've come this far with a project and I hope stuff will work out very well for you! Keep on rocking 😎
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    @cod3doc thanks for being a avod marketing person, but not using it when has end to end encryption, but looks awesome tho
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    @linuxxx You can read Privacy Policy here: https://altmail.in/privacy-policy/

    Thank you for notifying. The link was getting squashed on mobile. Just fixed it. We hope to have you on Altmail someday. 😃

    Thank you for your kind words.
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    @CozyPlanes Hey, no problem. Thanks for the great discussion. Hope to have you on Altmail someday. 😃
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    It's great marketing, animations and all, but it's not giving me any actual info on how it sorts things ("machine learning" - ye saw that failing in many services, putting mails from grocery stores into "technology"..) and if its manually correctable, how does it handle the mail, who gets his fingers on that data? (juicy money through selling clickdata, personal profiles etc) it's kind of scary to trust a random third party that promises to sort your newsletters, without actually encrypting that data or making clear what it does before instantly asking you to subscribe for "early access".

    Might have weird mistakes in this comment, but its getting late, the message should still somewhat show what I mean 😄
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    Thanks to @linuxxx ++ing my post I've came back to this after a year, first of all the music player is nice, especially design wise, but it should have a volume slider.

    Regarding the service though, you do mention now it is "secure", which I believe wasn't there before, but you don't actually mention any details to the non-normies, which would actually like to know what kind of trickery you're doing to maintain a no-knowledge model

    1password handles that for example very well in my opinion on explaining their operations and models of handling data: https://1password.com/security/ so you could take a look and get inspired
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