Holy donkey nuts, I get too scared to leaved unpushed code when I take a coffee break.


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    As far as i know vs code asks you if you really want to discard the selected files. True, an undo option would be nice, but it can't be made responsible for people deleting their files.
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    Oh wow, that guy is just hilarious. 3 months of code without a backup and he decides to play around with "discard" button, and then complains.

    I'm not even mad, this is amazing! This guy will either leave coding forever, which is good, since people who don't commit or at least have backups of 3 months of coding, shouldn't work in this industry. Or maybe he will once and for all learn not to be a retard in this sense.

    And it's for some reason VS Code's fault. Just like it's Linux's fault when I type in sudo rm -rf / and don't get a confirmation message.
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    @xenira just read the hole issue and its hilarious
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    @xenira it does, it actually mentions that it is irreversible too, it's a very concise warning.
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    So, this guy is on github but dosn't use git for projects? 🤔
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    @Dacexi He's not anymore on GitHub. It appears he deleted his account.
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    @k0pernikus I am guessing he created one to complain.
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    Ive to say his bug report is better than most ive seen.
    He shares how to reproduce, what version of the OS he is using and the version of VS Code. Besides that he also lists the used extensions.
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    I have to disagree that this is all the guys fault.

    As non native English speaker you could easily mistake the meaning of the word "discard", because it is Mostly used with "Discard changes" and almost never with "Discard files" especially when working with a version control system.
    I don't know the exact message he confirmed by clicking that button but if there isn't the word "Delete" or "Remove" in there which let's also us non English speakers be more careful about stuff, I think it's partly the developers fault. Or at least the designers.
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    😂😂😂😂😂 lmaoo. this guy made my day . my year 😂😂😂. i commit every 2 seconds and i have a bash script that creates backups of my code. i don't trust my IDE 😅😅
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    @SmirkingBandit thus is the exact message he would have seen...

    "Are you sure you want to discard ALL changes, this is IRREVERSIBLE"

    I am not sure how much clearer you want them to be, and besides, he had not backed up in 3 months, so if his hdd failed should he have posted something like for his hdd manufacturer? What if windows crashed irrecoverable, is it then Microsoft fault? Someone breaks into his house and steals his computer?

    You can blame the drive maker for the drive failing, or Microsoft for having to reinstall, even the thief for steeling the machine, but you are the only one to blame for having lost 3 months of work because you were too lazy/stupid/arrogant to back anything up.

    Hell if he was using version control to begin with, there would not have been 5000 files to discard in the first place. This is 100% a PBKAC error.
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    Ohhhhh Snaaaaaaap!

    But hmmmm 3 months and you havent pushed?
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    Just have a feature branch...
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    I read somewhere that vs code also removes unrevisioned files though, and that is not very clear.

    Edit: found it
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    @Jop- We are not laughing at him for losing his work, we are laughing at him for being stupid.
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    I don't know. Seems kind of shady to me.
    He wanted to revert adding files to the VCS and the IDE removed them only warning him that all changes would be discarded. There were no changes except adding files to VCS.
    So I can understand his frustration and still don't think he was entirely to blame.
    Yes he could have researched that specific action more before doing it. That's not debatable. Still a design flaw imo
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    @SmirkingBandit why play around with a version control system you have never worked with in a 3 months old project which you dont have backups of?

    This is simply just stupid. And really I dont say things like that quickly. But even my niece of 9 years old knows to backup her paint image before drawing something on top of it because it might be irreversible.

    And yes this could happen to every person which has never touched version control. But reacting like this and blaming software for your own lack of knowledge on how to use it is weird.

    Really, VS code implements GIT features. If you change the way git features work inside of the editor that would be a design flaw.
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    @Umbra well if they were not backed up for 3 months he had no version Co trolley in place. 1 possible flaw, definitely in his case, is vscode assumes your working with some sort of version control, so in a folder without it, it marks every file as a changed file, but being 2017,i cannot imagine a good reason coming from a sane person for not using any form of version control AND having absolutely no backups. It's not like version control even costs anything, or requires a degree in spacial engineering.

    And yes, he created the account to post that and subsequently deleted said account too.
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    The warning message he was given is not clear. "Are you sure you want to discard all changes? This is irreversible etc".... Hmm yes I want to discard the operation of adding the files to the vcs... Oops, it meant delete all files. Oh well.

    Messages like these are only clear to those who already know what they mean. Good example of non-userfriendly UI.
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